Nestled along the sun-kissed coastline of the Algarve, Portugal, we recently had the incredible opportunity to be the photo and video team for a bohemian-inspired surf wedding. The couple decided to embark on a unique journey by exchanging vows in the presence of the vast Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the untamed beauty of nature. What set their celebration apart was the morning surf ritual they chose to partake in together—a symbolic and adventurous start to their marital journey.

From the moment we arrived at the picturesque Portuguese farmhouse venue, it was evident that Lucy and Jake were committed to infusing their celebration with a bohemian spirit. The atmosphere was laid-back and infused with a sense of freedom and creativity. The decor featured vibrant rugs, low wooden tables adorned with yellow wildflowers, and an eclectic mix of cushions and poufs that created an inviting space for guests to relax.

As the wedding photo and video team, our goal was to capture the essence of this bohemian vibe in every shot. We embraced the unconventional, seeking out candid moments and unique angles that showcased the couple’s free-spirited personalities. The natural beauty of the Algarve served as a stunning backdrop, and we made sure to incorporate the rugged cliffs and golden sands into our frames.

The Morning Surf Ritual:

The highlight of Lucy and Jake’s wedding day was undoubtedly the morning surf session they embarked on together. As the sun painted the sky with hues of pink and orange, the couple, headed to the water with their surfboards in tow. It was a sight to behold—two souls in love, ready to ride the waves of life together.

Capturing the surf session was a unique challenge and an exhilarating experience. We waded into the water with waterproof cameras, determined to document this unconventional wedding ritual. The images we captured tell a story of love, adventure, and the unbridled joy of riding the same wave in sync. Using a mixture of drone footage and underwater camera shots. As the waves crashed around them, commitment to each other became not just a declaration of love but a testament to their shared passion for adventure.

Storytelling Through Photography and Videography:

The key to telling their story was capturing the raw, unscripted moments that unfolded throughout the day. We focused on candid shots that showcased the genuine emotions of the couple and their guests. Whether it was the laughter shared during the surf session or the tearful exchange of vows during the ceremony, we aimed to freeze these moments in time.

We complemented the natural sounds with a carefully curated soundtrack that captured the bohemian spirit of the day—acoustic guitars, soulful melodies, and upbeat rhythms. Alongside adding pinnacle moments from the speeches on their loved ones.

Editing the final footage was a labor of love. We wanted the video to be a visual poem, weaving together the various elements of the wedding day into a narrative that reflected the uniqueness of their love story. The final result was a cinematic masterpiece that not only documented the events of the day but also conveyed the emotions and atmosphere that made this surf wedding truly special.

Being the photo and video team for this bohemian surf wedding in the Algarve was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It was a celebration of love, adventure, and the untamed beauty of nature. As storytellers, our goal was to capture the essence of this unique day, and we believe that the images and video we produced successfully convey the bohemian spirit that defined this wedding

From the morning surf session to the beachfront ceremony and the lively reception that followed, every moment was infused with a sense of joy, spontaneity, and love — a journey we were honored to capture through our lenses.